Core principle - Integrating sustainable practices throughout the whole value chain

We are aware - that sustainability is a process

Sustainability is a natural part of what we offer and how we act. We know that we are not perfect, that no matter how much we do within sustainability – we can always do more. This awareness is an integral part of our daily operations and processes:

  • Being conscious of how our actions have an impact on people and the planet, be it through design, choice of materials or production methods.
  • Constantly re-evaluating our behaviour, making better choices and finding smarter solutions that can improve our ways of working.

Research and meticulous testing have been at the heart of our operations since the start. It helps us to be as informed as possible about each decision we need to take, and what environmental impact our decisions will have. The overall objective – past, present and future – is always to make long-lasting, durable products of premium quality.

We are aware - of the challenges

Snickers Workwear is wholeheartedly committed to doing whatever we can to integrate sustainable practices within our brand, and yet sustainability still presents a challenge – it’s a balancing act that requires a mix of strategies. Our vision is to be in the forefront of sustainability, using smarter solutions and technologies. To keep up with the fast pace of change is a huge challenge, but we choose to see it as a possibility.

We need to think twice every time we make decisions that affect the planet, the people who work with us and those who use our products. Our focus is to protect the well-being of people and the environment while maintaining the high, long-lasting quality of the products at compatible prices.

We are aware - of our strengths

We are a company of Nordic origin, an area known for its pioneering innovation, green forests, blue lakes and snowy landscapes. Our countries share a love of nature, low levels of corruption and a long history of human rights. Therefore, caring about people and the planet is in many ways part of Snickers Workwear’s DNA. We recognise that it is our responsibility to go beyond our own interests and what is required by law.

We are strong believers in high quality, for two reasons: the first is that high quality saves costs over time. A pair of Snickers Workwear work trousers might cost more than a cheaper alternative, but they last much longer. The second is that, in the long run, a longer product life leaves a much smaller environmental footprint. Creating products for the long haul is an integral part of our commitment to sustainability.

Our genuine conviction and guiding principle is that continuous improvements will lead us to actions and necessary progress also within the field of sustainability.