Solution dyed - Less water, chemicals and energy. More precise and consistent colours

Polyester is a core material at Snickers Workwear. Where possible in terms of product, sourcing and availability, we have chosen to work with a more sustainable colouring process for polyester called solution dyeing, or dope dyeing. This gives us polyester fabrics with excellent, long-lasting colour performance, dyed in a more sustainable process that reduces water and energy consumption significantly compared to traditional piece dyeing. Furthermore, this process also requires fewer chemicals and produces fewer CO2 emissions.

Consistent colours

Solution-dyed polyester offers superior colourfastness and a precise colour system for colour matching and consistency, which means there are no colour variations between different batches.

The colour pigment is added to the raw material before it becomes filament, and is then spun into yarn. This allows the color to be completely integrated into the yarn – instead of outside the yarn filament which is the case with traditional dye, meaning that it will not bleed or crock, and demonstrates premium resistance to UV fading.

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